June 17, 2016

DEATH stranding some information and secrets

    During the Sony press conference at E3, Hideo Kojima - to whom we owe the series of Metal Gear took the stage,and unveiled the first draft of his new studio, Kojima Productions: Death Stranding.

    In the trailer unveiled during the conference, the audience could discover Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead, it lends by her features the main character - naked waking themselves on a beach with a baby and many shellfish and other dead fish.

  For the record, know that Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima have already crossed, star of The Walking Dead was to appear in the project, now canceled, Silent Hills.

   The trailer for Death Stranding, unveiled the PlayStation E3 conference 2016 can go for a big esoteric and pretentious dung. But when we know Kojima, we know that there are things to understand behind each plan, and the community has already begun to dissect all the clues they could find on the game. And especially on Reddit, the mysterious equations that appear on objects collar Norman Reedus, actor The Walking Dead.

    In short, there are real equations on objects worn around the neck Reedus. We can read two and Reddit community seem formal. One of them refers to the Schwarzs child radius.

"It can be defined as a first approximation, as the radius of a sphere from which the mass of the object is so compact that the release rate is equal to the speed of light in vacuum, so that light itself can not escape. "

The second could be the Dirac equation in connection with Quantum mechanics and relativity black holes, quantum physics ... and many other theories remain to be discovered and discussed about the trailer.

    The advantage Death Stranding is that there is a good chance that Kojima book a real reflection with its next game, and all the excitement of the community was not made in vain.

    Will we never be free of the crafty machinations of Hideo Kojima? 

   Naturally, the internet has come out in strength to try and make sense of the fantastically weird trailer, So many questions. Before we get to the fan speculation, let's take a quick look at what we do know:

-The game is still That early in development. Kojima Productions has yet to settle on a game engine, and the project won't-have anything to do with Ludens, the company mascot - of course, this is Hideo Kojima.

At this point, we can Say That pretty much every theory is as valid as the last. So let's start with The Most Obvious connection, and something pretty much every Death Stranding has hit on speculator: The title Seems to be a reference to something called "Cetecean Stranding".

In a nutshell, has Cetecean Stranding is a natural phenomenon Where aquatic marine mammals, Such As whales, beach Themselves. Notice all the beached animals in the trailer? That can not be a coincidence. Of course, That Does not Really still explain a thing, If we return to the trailer, it's clear That is Reedus himself stranded with all the dead fish. Reddit user posted a Some Random wonderfully in depth theory That links to the idea of ​​a Cetecean Stranding.

I think the main thing we see here is a Fundamental perversion of nature, The sea is Often Described in Many Cultures have something That Gives Life. Furthermore, Kojima is Known to Many include references to Evolution and evolutionary psychology in his games, so it's not surprising - the sea in this trailer is probably referencing the primordial soup, Where Life Arose first. however, here, the sea is Giving death, not life. Animals are washed ashore and dead. There is a perversion of nature here. The opposite of what is Supposed to happen, they go on to score la scar on Reedus' belly Could hint at cesarean section, and That It was he Who gave birth to the baby in the trailer.

   Our theorist even posits that the trailer Could Be dealing with the feeling had when Kojima Metal Gear was taken from him in the preview, Reedus arm is attached to a handcuff. "He's free from capture, but still bears the weight of something.", A few people sccm to AGREE with this part, at least including me.

   In the end, concluded, as part Some Random That Stranding Death is about how Norman Reedus is cloned over and over from his own body.

  One thing is sure though: Hideo Kojima has that pretty much made sour Stranding Death is the one game everyone will be talking about post-E3.

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