December 5, 2015

Manga day- journées manga - in Algeria Oran

    Few days ago another algerien event was organized, Manga day is the name of the event, it took place at Oran precisly at
the IFfrence of Oran, the event was organized on two days:

Tuesday, November 24:
13h> Validation of enrollment in video game tournaments.
1:30 p.m.> tag tournament Tournament Taken 2
14h to 16h> Go game Workshop.
3:30 p.m.> Tournament Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.
16h to 17h30> Manga drawing workshop hosted by ICO

Saturday, November 28:
09h at 11h / 13h to 15h> Manga drawing workshop hosted by Togüí.
10h> Projection manga "Dragon Ball Z: The resurrection of Freezer"
11:30> Debate: "The specifics of manga culture and the reasons for its success in Algeria" hosted by Dounia Mimouni-Meslem
13h> projection manga "Naruto the Last"
14h to 16h> Origami Workshop led by Yousra Belabbes
3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.> Meeting with authors and Sofiane Belaskri Togüí for the presentation of their collective "Freelestine".

17h> Performance / Cosplay parade, ceremony of the tournament games and closing price of the event.

   For the tournaments of tekken tag tournament 2 the winner is "Mohamed belhadri"
  The  Naruto ultimate ninja Storm 3 tournaments the winner 
is "Youcef Tlemsani"

   The event was created and organized by I.C.O, the Ideal Community of Otaku, a youth club enthusiasts Manga and video games, which is active in the organization of various events within the French Institute of Oran, youth center and others, activities such as video game tournaments, screenings, workshops that related to the Japanese culture.
the good organization and the success of our event are the fruit of our shared passion.

   Between the game tournament the drawing work shop, the cosplayer and the exhibition stands and the just dance party the guests had plenty to do and no time to get bored, likely the event went as good as it was planned, the guest where highly satisfied by the event and the good organization, and the VIP's where also pleased especially Togüí who was the guest of honor of the festival and expressed his satisfaction and said that it was great to see this kinds of event managed by teenagers and lovers of the category he also wished them best luck and encouraged them to continue and make something even better.
    The Digital Anime team was highly surprised and impressed, in fact we used to see those kind of event in Algiers or Bejaia in other word's FIBDA and Bougie en Bulle, it was great to see young boys and girls manage an event like this, of cores it is not like the previous mentioned once but why not, it is also the first event in this gender we heared about in this part of the country so we wish them best luck and keep on the good work.

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