November 18, 2015

Okaito speaking I impression Metal Gear 5 Phantom Pain I

    Yo guy's a new episode of okaito speaking, this time we choose to speak about metal gear solid V: the phantom pain, we will speak in this video about my first impression of the first 5 hours i played of the game, their will no positive or negative point just a quick impression.
    This video was filmed 3 weeks  ago so if you found a little shift in the time line don't mind us :p, also this video was filmed with a phone so the quality is a shitty one we must say it, but don't worry this is just a hard time that we will succeed to pass because changes acquired in the team and we are short in material but like i said this is just a hard time that we will pass and for that we brought 2 new cam's hope their quality will be better.
    Like always we think you for your support and hope you will continue so, don't forget to like and give your opinion of the video and subscribe, thank you.
    Instill then we will meet in the next video and their will be some new stuff in digital animes and the okaito speaking series.

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