November 2, 2015

Did You Miss The FIBDA 2015 ?


     Three before today was organized the FIBDA 2015 the 8th edition, Algerian number one festival in the domain of comics, the event start the 6th October till the 10th October, South Korea was the guest of honor, and More than 32 foreign countries participate in this event, The Algerian comic where also honored this 8th Fibda six Algerians authors of the first generation where honored us guest of which, among others, Redouane Assari, Moulay, and Gyps Bennedine.

   In the event several workshops where open to the public like the drawing workshop for amateur or professional, the kids also had their part of the fun with a special space for them where they can play and draw, for the fun's of comic's the great library of comic was open all day's where people can read and by books and comics freely, the Kaza and Z-link edition where also invited in the event for the big joy of the guests, several spots for sealing goodies like ( pins, keyring, figurines, posters, sticker, t-shirts, cups.....) and a lot of other stuff all this was proposed by the stand HB Manga Kissa who was full all the duration of the event, their also the stand of otaku shop well knew-en by the fan's and the SJS who presented figurines and comics, another type of stand the stand of Digital anime media team and the organizer of the AMV tournament in the same stand with collaboration of digital anime the COS/COM team
who offered th reparation of cosplay service, this stand made a great success especially with the cosplayers.  
   Like every year a cosplaye tournament was organized by z-link with the collaboration of Onda and fibda.

  The cosplaye tournament was held all the duration of the event most the cosplayers made their staging and in the end of the last day the results where announced:
- price of the best cosplay : iron man
- price of the best costume : iron patriot 

- price of the best group cosplay: duo frozen 
- price of the best mood cosplaye : mario & luigi 
- price of the best staging cosplay : albator 
assassin's creed unity made by bagio 
ash of league of legends
not every one was OK with the result of the cosplay tournament especially th public who had something to say about this results 
   The event was great every one was happy and every found something to do guests public or organizer every one was fully satisfied with this 8th edition of the FIBDA.

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