September 10, 2015

[Exclusive] : When a Man is forced to give up on his dream "Moon Stops the Shoutcast"

Moon or otherwise Mr " Mouadh Yaacoubi " a very talented semi professional shout caster since 2012 known for becoming the only recognized shout caster in the MENA region. His dream was to reach the pro ladder, and increase his performance as a shout caster and desk analyst... 5 September at 01:23 AM after the final and the last day of the ETC2015 Mr.Yaacoubi announced the worst news on his facebook Page "No more shout cast for me !" 

   After this sad news and in the middle of night most of gamers and his fans were overwhelm. In fact all was wondering why he took a such decision after three days of pure refine work at the ETC2015 the comments were all the same " Why ?" and the other " Thanks moon for the pleasure that you gave us it was really nice listening to you Good luck". And only moon had the answer ! This why the team Digital Anime took the decision to move towards mr.mouadh for more information, and he accepted our request! 

Digital Anime: Thank you very much moon for the opportunity that you give us here my name is B.Mehdi otherwise Mvkun from Digital Anime team thanks again ! Well based on your last post in your facebook page, you said to you that it's almost impossible that you'll get your goal to be a pro shoutcaster. But you just give up at once you were motivated to move toward. it's a personal problem ? only you; know about it and we would like to know more if it's possible Mr Yaacoubi

Yaacoubi Moon: Hello Mvkun ! Hope that every one is doing well at Digitale Anime an for your question well : It is impossible to continue what we might call "career" of shout caster in my current circumstances. In order to create a name in the world of eSports, the person must always work to cover a large part of Internet users. And to do so, a massive work on Socials Media such on Facebook and Twitter are required, for the simple fact that communities of today don't interact so much with the pages. Also, my equipment fails me now, because neither my PC or my internet connection allows me to give myself freely and easily to my shout caster activity, which forces me to rely on third parties (I worked with many people and most were super good) thing, displeases the viewers. I am perfectly aware that it has solutions to my problems (materials / techniques). But some IRL events, such as my university years, my family commitments and my work engagements prevent me doing my work at 100%. i do the work as fully possible or i don't do it all !

Digital Anime: Plus the shout cast that you do every time your work has been noticed over your country "Tunisia" and you have been invited as an example for the ALFA Game Cup of Counter Strike and The Final of the ALFA Game cup League of legends the tournament of Dz Game Tour and the list is to long. congratulation by the way! isn't enough? are you afraid that one day you will regret your choice

Yaacoubi Moon: My father taught me never to regret my decision. Also I should clarify that my decision is temporary, and it depends on the coming days. The passion still burns in me and it is with bitterness that I made that decision. However, it may one day near or far, I will take again the microphone to comment on eSportifs games.

I also find that within two years, to be contacted by the Gold Arabic organizations as eSportif commentator was a delightful surprise for me. and to top it all, the German Sports myR organization contacted me, offering me a tantalizing contract Semi-pro (at the same time, it's something). The only problem I'm facing is an language barrier. Usually the French / Darija* are requested on the Maghreb scene, something that prevents me to create content for the global community, and slowed my progress. will it's possible, but according to my past experiences they do not guarantee a good impact. it is also true that I realize this work without asking for remuneration, as long as I do not move from my home, and I think when traveling, simply offset the high costs (transportation / accommodation / food) will leave me to angels.

Photo Credit goes to J.E.T (Japanese Event Tunisia)
Digitale Anime: Last question, a question from the leader of our team, He told me to ask you this question: What are the best time you got from the start to end of this shout caster adventure and what do you will miss the most?

Yaacoubi Moon: I participated in multitudes tournament . WLAN or LAN. I would say that the 2 best time possible in my career took place during the Tunisian ETC2015. As Secretary-General, I have watched with our staff that everything is installed to the last, at 7.30am. The opening speech was scheduled for 11am, I got 3 hours of sleep. I had made a delay of 20 minutes, the phase pick & ban was already launched. The crowd asked me as I walked through the backstage. By the time I took the microphone and yelled "WELCOME Summoners", the public reaction brought tears to my eyes.

The second took place on the last day, the last matches. 3 days cast in solo, and I was exhausted and drained. it was about 9:30 p.m., I lost my breath and my voice. Someone encouraged me "Moon don't fall asleep take back your breath" and began to applaud. The contamination was not made to wait, and the amazed eyes of the teams and mine, the audience cheered me. I could finish the final in style.

Yaacoubi Moon: One last word to readers: I really want to thank everyone who have supported and encouraged me. Forgive me for this rather selfish decision. But I want to reassure you that as soon as I have the opportunity, time and resources, I'd be back on stage. Peace brothers, Game on!

 Thank you very much moon for the this clearly and lovely answers i hope and all the team hope to see you again it was a pleasure meeting you and listen working with you keep on Moon and hope see you return soon ! Thank you very much for reading until here and thank every one for the support ! 

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