July 28, 2015

Clash of the titan PS4 vs Xbox One - Which is one is better

   Long time rival both side with a bunch of fans, eash one has it's positive and negative point and the war between the two never stopped, we speak of cores about the playstation and the Xbox, this time we will make a comparison between the Xbox one and the PS4. 

    The eighth generation war is in full swing, with Microsoft and Sony fighting tooth and nail. If you've managed to hold off Somehow buying an Xbox or PlayStation 4 One for this long,There's never been a better time to pick a side and jump into the console race, as Both boxes-have seen tons of improvements since launching back in 2013. 

   In this post we will put the PS4 vs Xbox one we will see weach one is better so let's start.

Fitst point:The Games

   For most gamers this is the most importante point weach console has the better games:

 Xbox one has around 200 games available for purchase. These include Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, and Dead Rising 3 - all of this games are console exclusive to Xbox One. Upcoming games include Gears of War 4, Halo 5: Guardians, and a new Crackdown. Microsoft is working to make select Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One.

PlayStation 4's catalogue clocks in at around 340 games available. Among them, Bloodborne, infamous second son, Killzone Shadow Fall, and Driveclub round out the exclusive console. Looking ahead, Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Last Guardian, and Horizon Zero Reviews some of Dawn are your upcoming releases. For backwards compatibility, Sony already: has a massive back catalogue of games available on PS3 PS4, the only problem is you-have to stream games through thesis has paid the service called Expired PlayStation Now.

So the winner of this first fight is the PlayStation 4. While xbox one pulls ahead in terms of exclusive high-profile, PS4: has a superior variety of games.

Second point:The Price

Xbox One at most basic retails for 349$ . That gets you the console, a single controller, a 500GB hard drive, and a download code for a game with some bundles. If you're willing to pay an extra 50$ , you can find bundles with a 1TB hard drive onstead. None of these bundles include the now-defunct Kinect. Also keep in mind you'll probably want That to cough up an extra 60$  Annually for an Xbox Live Gold membership to play online. 

PlayStation 4 at the most basic retails for 399$. That gets you the console, a single controller, 500GB hard drive, and a copy of Batman: Arkham Knight if you get the Most recent bundle. Otherwise there are not a whole lot of options. Other bundles exist, limited purpose Their has ratcheted up Their stock prices. Also keep in mind you'll probably want That to drop $ 50 Annually for a PlayStation Plus membership if you want to play online. 

This time the winner is the Xbox One. There's only about a 50$  price difference between the two consoles, Microsoft goal to offer more bundles follows your preference. One Xbox controllers is a bit cheaper than the PS4's for the Player 2 in your life.

Third point:the Subscription Perks

Xbox One's subscription service Xbox Live Gold, will set you back 60$  Annually and is required for playing games online. A Gold subscription. Games with Gold is a rotating selection of free games that Changes Each month and Deals with Gold is just what it sounds like: exclusive discounts on games. For more gaming goodness, there's also EA Access a separate, 5$ per-month subscription That lets you play EA classics and select Service Gives early access to new releases EA.

PlayStation 4: has a similar service in PlayStation Plus, it will run you 50$  Annually and is required to play games online. Having a PS membership unlocks a rotating collection of free games Each month as well as discounts for members. Purpose if you really want to go all out, you can sign up for PlayStation Now, that lets you stream a collection of older PlayStation games to your PS4 starting at 20$  per month.

The winner this time is the PlayStation 4 Both services are Nearly similar. Both boxes can access Netflix, HBO Go, stream Internet TV (for a fee), play Blu-rays, and more. In the end it all comes down to price, and PS4 More is simply cheaper.

Fourth point:The Controllers

Xbox One's basic controller retails for about 50$  and Its design is comfortable and ergonomic Both. It has an upgraded d-pad that's  superior to the Xbox 360's, and the joystick-have great grip. Additionally, the integrated battery pack keeps the back from bulging out like the 360's was, and the rumbling triggers are fun . however, Those triggers are also a bit mushy, and Their neighbors are bumper Even More troublesome than before. 

PlayStation 4's DualShock 4, Reviews the other hand, is a massive improvement over it's predecessor in every way, with a fantastic d-pad, buttons satisfying, a 'wider gap between the joysticks, and a plug-in headphone jack. The click-able touch-pad in the centre remains underutilized Largely, Typically serving as just a big button in the center of the controller. The only real drawbacks are the share and option buttons, weash are too flush with the controller making them needless difficulty to press. It's a bit pricer than the Xbox One's controller, around 60$ .

The winner the PlayStation 4.WHY becaus The DualShock 4 is one of the MOST hand-pleasing designs ever Committed to plastic. 
PS: for me i will always like the Xbox controller but in this kind of post i must stay no sided.

Round Five: Broadcasting

 Xbox One's Upload versatile application is great for capturing clips Quickly, editing them, and sharing online. You can take screen-shots During games and share them in a similar fashion. For streaming, Xbox One's Twitch application is very robust, letting you archive them.

PlayStation 4's share functionality is fool-proof. A single push of the ''Share'' button Gives You the option to capture a screen, video, or both. The Share Factory editor has everything you need to prepare  a quick YouTube video, or you can go live using Ustream Either Twitch gold. Finally, Share Play lets you recreate the couch co-op experience with Reviews another player online.

Time to reveal the winner and it is the PlayStation 4. with no surprise the console with a ''Share'' button won Both boxes are equipped to stream, aim the easy-of-use with PS4 pushes it over the edge.

Final point for the xbox one

Microsoft had the prominent online gaming service in Xbox Live for more than a decade, and it's still going strong. You can feel the software giant's experience in online products in Maintaining frequent updates.
Xbox one lets you snap the app Achievements to the side of the screen, and this an awesome tool for you completion's out there.

For the hardware you can use up to two external hard drives for extra storage. Hard drives must be 256GB or larger and USB 3.0 support. Once formatted, They Can hold games, apps, DLC, or whatever else is filling up your Xbox One.
Cable TV boxes can be hooked straight into your Xbox One, letting you watch TV with Xbox One functionality. This means clustering you do not-have to switch inputs When you want to watch TV, and you can use Kinect Even to change channels.

Final point for the PlayStation 4

The PS4 can hook up with all kinds of devices. Android and iOS tablets can run the PlayStation application for basic interaction with the console, while Sony smartphones can select Even remote play games. And using the PS Vita remote play to Destiny in bed is a dream.
You can view the overall completion rates for individual trophies on PS4. It's a nice bragging right to perform an "Ultra Rare" That feat only 0.10% of players-have Accomplished.
Spotify is fully integrated on PS4, letting you enjoy your favorite playlists while you play. You can use your smartphone Even gold tablet to fiddle with the music without Interrupting your game.
The PS4 is physically smaller than the Xbox One and Does not come with a bulky power brick Taking up extra space.

    Now we exposed all the importate point's for each console to compete in and time to reveal the winner.

      The Winner is the PlayStation 4 

    At the time of this writing, the PlayStation 4 is absolutely nailing That ideal triumvirate of great games, robust online features, and slick hardware design. It cost a little more May, goal Some extra green is worth it in our opinion for what you're getting BUT the Xbox One is not far behind and everything can change in a blink of eye. 

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