May 9, 2015

meeting the young designer HADDOUCHE Djedjiga


    Bougie en bulle this event that we spoke about many times before,in,and after the event, it was a great experience for us and we had a chance to meet with lot of designers professional and amateur.

    Like we said we meet lot of designer so we decided to make a series of interview with them and we will began with a young lady, a girl among boys the only one we could found, the name of this young lady HADDOUCHE Djedjiga, young and talented we could not stop our self to notice her and her drawings.

    So to make this interview it was a simple ask and answer style, first thing first we asked her to present her self and she did 

'' My name HADDOUCHE Djedjiga, I am 21 years old

nice and simple, we asked here 

{when  did you start drawing? and did you make a special formation a studied drawing?} she said 

"I started drawing when I was 13, I started imitating characters after watching cartoons and manga's that was on TV at the time, it was more manga like: Pokemon, Hunter x Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto. that inspired me I was trying draw the characters, little by little, absorbing their drawing style
until i ended creating my own characters and I making my own style, At first, I always started my drawings by the contour of the face, then comes the eyes, nose, mouth, etc .... Now I give more importance to the eyes, if i don't like the eyes or i don't succeed to draw them, I erase all the draw and I start again."

we continued our interview with another question 

{have you been inspired by a particular designer?

and the answer was yes " The designer that did inspire me the most is Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto's creator. His drawing style was completely fascinating i was captivated and
fascinated, despite the fact i learned that the Sensei had been at the school of fine arts, it did not discourage me so far, on the contrary, it pushed me to do better.", 

after that we tried to change the manga subject so we asked here

 {did you try to draw anything else beside manga's characters}, so she said 

"Once, I was asked to paint the portrait of two people. These were people around me (my two young cousins, which I say hi to them by the way), but how to tell them i only draw
manga's? but in the end I accepted. When I finished,they did like it of course. But I was going out altered my motto was to draw only the characters in fiction, manga was the only thing that was allowing me to escape from reality, so I decided to stop.",

 after hearing this answer we thought that we touched a nerve so we decided to cool the air and we asked a funny question

{what is your favorite manga? and do you play video games? if so what is your favorite video game?}

after listing to this series of question she did not back up and she did answer " My favorite Manga, well ... my favorite Mangas are: GTO, Naruto, Black Butler, Bleach, Death Note ...
I love fighting games, I played Street Fighter, Garou Mark Of The Wolves, Guilty Gear X2. Prince of Persia, I also like Kingdom Hearts (GameBoy).", and to finish our interview we asked here a direct and simple question {do you inspire to do more with your drawing as create a manga or to integrate a creative house anime?} the answer was simple "The dream of every artist is to make a name for him/her self so yes, I hope to go further with my drawings.".
  The interview was nice and we enjoyed every moment with the young designer but how to let her go without making here pass our digital quiz, so lets GO.

-do you consider your self an otaku more then a gamer or the   opposite "I consider myself as an Otaku more then a Gamer."

-what do you like more facebook or twitter "I am more facebook then twitter"

-what is the most creation that you are proud of "The work    which I am most proud, but still not completed,is a  drawing of Naruto Shippuden where naruto is seen with  Master Jiraiya fiddling Naruto's hair. and also I am on a  story that took me 2 years now and is still unfinished."

    So this is the end of our interview we hope that you liked our little meeting with our the young designer, one of many talents in our country that still waiting to have a chance to express their full potential.

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