May 24, 2015

meeting with designer HADDOUCHE Amazigh

  In the world of creation and edition their two kinds of people, the pro and the once waiting for a chance to make their first step, and the world of drawing make no exception and we had the chance to meet with a young men a designer a talented one if i may say, and like always we did not lose the chance to make an interview with him.
    The name of this designer is HADDOUCHE amazigh a 20 years old one who lives in: Adekar wilaya of Bejaia,Algeria and like he said ( I am a child of nature and not polluted cities and boiling (° - ^) and I love Japanese culture) first thing first our friend wanted to say something and we gave him the chance to do so 

HADDOUCHE: I am delighted to make the acquaintance of Otaku Algeria because to be quite frank I did not believe there was that much people of interest in the matter (manga ... Etc.) Continue to do your work as it must be done and make it more again and again.

    Meeting such a dynamic person like that make us love our work more and more every time, so lets start our interview to present you HADDOUCHE Amazigh.

 Digital animes: when did you start drawing, and did you follow a formation or any academic studies in the matter?

HADDOUCHE: I would say i started at 10 or 9 years I don't remember, I was in primary school.
-did I follow training in drawing or art that I studied in the university or other? :

  Hhheu NO .. ^^ I learned to draw by myself just by passion and pleasure (it is a bit thanks to my mother drawing in our familiarly is in the blood)

Digital animes: do you have a specific drawing style a technique if so what's the name of this one, and what are the steps of your drawings?

HADDOUCHE: My drawing style? I don't know really have a specific one BUT IF I would say that my style is more in the finesse and details as (I
like it) as BLEACH that's my style, technical and steps to MY drawing?: I never followed step drawing too much, until I started drawing storyboards for my history! (My Manga) for me drawing this direction is freely draws freely with our ability instinctively accumulated (automatically) after so many years of drawing for the drawing Voyer? You knew more you draw more you are improving !!. (and no I'm not like the once who Designed Templates by putting patterns and it's not directly calculated for me)

Digital animes: how did you chose to draw like this?

HADDOUCHE:  i was inspired of all the manga and anime that I love(I think we all tried at least once to draw
his favourite manga!)

Digital animes: have you been inspired by a particular designer? if yes who?

HADDOUCHE: Yes a lot of them inspired me first (AKIRA TORIYAMA) the creator of DBZ thanks to him I started to draw and now I am with an acceptable level of drawing. Then DEATH NOTE that my open to realistic drawing and detailed I like (output of DBZ drawing shapes Square)
But one who really really inspired me is Mister 'TITE KUBO'; he always inspires me more and more now it is with the toms BLEACH gift in my possession I am inspired coat special affects and carvings and drawings of technical stories ... but not because I insist that a true mangaka must have own STORY!

Digital animes: do you drawing anything else beside mangas?

HADDOUCHE: The other thing I could draw manga such as:
-Of decorated / landscapes / real characters (but I do not like for my chosen field is the manga!)

Digital animes: what is your favourite manga? and do you play video games? if so what is your favourite game?

HADDOUCHE: My favorite manga in terms of design;
I already noticed is I believe is: BLEACH / DEATH NOTE / Zetman / Kuroko's Basketball ... ..

Of course !! I like Japanese games on Sony PS as: KINGDOM HEARTS /F.FANTASY/TEKKEN/DMC...Etc.

Digital animes: do you want to make it to the pro level with your drawing as a mangaka or to integrate a creation home edition?

HADDOUCHE: I believe that this is the goal and the dream of every silk designers some level, Me my dream
real not to include a creation home runs but more far '' WHAT I WANT IS TO SEE MY MANGA ADAPTED IN TELEVISION ANIME !!!!!!!!! (*. *) ''

Digital animes: are you more otaku or a gamer?

grave otaku

    So this is it all you have to knew about the designer HADDOUCHE we hope that you like the presentation and his answers and and don't  forget to share because like this it will give him the chance to promote his work and why not see his manga adapted in television.

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