May 7, 2015

[ Exclusive ] : The interview With : MIOUNE the french pure Voice !!

She is an RPG player and symphonic OST fan her passion adapting and singing in French famous songs from video games and Ghibli Studios movies. We had the honner and the pleasur to to have an interview with the sweet Marion 

Digital Anime: So Hello !, Miss Mioune it's a pleasure to have you with us for this interview we really thank you for your acceptance we are the team Digital Anime Media team on the site [] Site specialize in the J-pop culture and video games,interviews and talent discovery! Thank you again for award us your time. So RPG gamer and fan of OST your passion is to make the adaptation of video game songs in French; this the Mioune that everyone knows but other than that, but could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Mioune: Hello and thank you very much for offering me this interview! In the life of every day, I'm Marion, I'm 28 years old and I am a French teacher for foreigners.

Digital Anime:  55 video published on your YouTube channel with a very good number of views but after all it's your voice is just remarkable, there is a question that runs in my mind; where you obtain this ambition to sing with a beautiful purity? you have a teacher who helps you to do that? and those around you, are they respecting what are you doing?

Miounde: What compliments! Thank you a lot! I did, in fact, no musical training. I learned to sing by himself. I would have wanted to take singing lessons, but it is expensive; I therefore advance only slowly. My entourage is very respectful with respect to what I do on YouTube; My family is proud and especially happy to know that there is an area in which I blossom. Music is, anyway, something familiar to me, because several members of my family are musicians themselves: like one of my older brothers is bassist and guitarist or an uncle who is a violinist in the group Tri Yann.

Digital Anime: MADE IN ASIA (BE) - Saturday, March 14, 2015 Senyu - Saturday, February 28, 2015 PARIS MANGA - Saturday 7 and Sunday, February 8, 2015 GAME OVER - Saturday, November 2014 ... four dates of your concerts already past Bravo .. good continuation going on stage, request for large enough psychological strength; from where Mioune provides this force face the public? (You can check all her photos on stage following this link [] or watch her Live performance with this link [] )

Mioune: It's true that it's not easy to face many people when there is little stage experience. We are afraid to forget our words or make false notes ... but all this stress is much forgotten when we know that once the first notes outputs, it will be only happiness. In general, I create a bubble while I sing; a bubble which disappears still systematically at the end of each piece to reconnect with the public.

Digital Anime: If we take the example LeeandLie or PelleK singer who recently signed with Square Enix, we can say that in France you are the leader right? do you want to work with publishing companies of video games or anime adaptation?

Mioune: There are others who make YouTubers French adaptation; like Poucet or Aya_me so I can not call myself a leader, except perhaps the video game songs? What is sure, is that I would love to work with publishers, but it's so huge that it's still in the "dreams"! For now, I try to do what could be within reach: independent publishers of video games. :)

Digital Anime: In the world of music; it's clear that there are musicians who are inspired by another musician and artist, your case miss Mioune? which one get you inspired to create your songs and the desire to do so?

Mioune: I really do not know who gave me the desire to sing first (it's been a long time!) But there are several artists that give me inspiration, including MariĆ© Digby or Nina Nesbitt.

Digital Anime: on your site you wrote and plan over 20 project I wish you clearly that happen. but at the level of concerts you hadn't written anything, tell us about your upcoming projects, and are you ready to make long distance?.

Mioune: Playing shows is absolutely new to me; I had never done before so you it all starts gradually emerging. Have already done 4 in the space of three months is already much; it's a big change! For now, I have nothing else planned, but certainly for the second half of the year. The travel long distances would be somewhat problematic for the moment, because it would mean from several days and as I am a teacher, I do not have all the school holidays and I have no one to replace me ... haha would be difficult!

Digital Anime: The 22 songs on Final Fantasy saga is clear that you love this series. but since we are talking about video game song it's the FF songs your best achievement? what is your favorite video games and your favorite cartoon?

Mioune: As I said in every interview, it's hard to say what is my best achievement since all that is purely subjective, but one that gave me the inspiration is "Suteki Da Ne" Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy is clearly the series of video games that I prefer (with VI first) and about anime, there are many that I love, but I will tell Naruto (One Piece is just behind!)

Digital Anime: 6601 subscribed and more than 750,000 views on your YouTube channel congratulations wonderful numbers; unfortunately to tell you that we arrive at the end of this interview A final words for your fans this is your space leave a message it is for you now !!

Mioune: I'd really like to thank from my heart all those who follow me and encourage me, it warms my heart and it boosts me to make things better! :) THANK YOU ALL !! ??

Digital Anime: Thank you again for giving us a bit of your time we wish you a beautiful continuation and career more than successful.

Mioune: Thank you very much! A lovely continuation also!

So thanks again for Miss Mioune for giving us a little from her time hope you liked the interview please of you Subscribe and like her Facebook page and Youtube Channel she is very Active and please don't use here photos and music she Claim there Copyright and any use illegally will be tolerated as a violation of copyright 

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