December 1, 2014

This is why the Xbox One is great

      It's not like Microsoft just Threw together the first design cam up with it; There Were 75 prototypes built Before the designers on the one landed They Did. So why is it still so hefty?
    Part of the answer cam from the console's lead designer, Carl Led better, Who Explained the design choice to CVD. "Everybody gets frustrated, Because what we want is for everything to Be Thin wager, not get hot and just be a snap to put together," Led better said.

    Led better Went on: "We know people put it in bedrooms and --other seats, goal-have we designed this for a living room environment We know people are going to thesis have a good-sized TV That Is Probably a flat screen, it is Probably. high-resolution, so it is Optimized for All Those conditions.

    Led better Revealed That Microsoft built over 200 Xbox One controller prototypes Before Reviews arriving at the final game-pad, and while the team are proud of what Clearly They've Produced, Led better Said That There Was a lot of learning from past mistakes: "An example of we got something wrong Was the first Xbox controller. It worked, It Was not aim the right size for People. "

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