December 2, 2014

Okaito speaking (otaku in Algeria)

     Well yo guy's a new video of the series okaito speaking was posted today. 
  Today the theme of the video is otaku, what make an otaku what he think he is, and what do the other peoples think about us all you have to know about the otaku and especially the Algerian one is in this video !!.

 - after doing a little researchers i found that  otaku are not very taken seriously even Google hate them so in order to make things clear this video came up

1- otaku are not what people think they are, they just a bunch of people that like anime mangas and all what is related to it 

2- all otakus are the same in all the world their are no otaku better than other one

3- we must stop the fights between otaku
  in order not to spoil all the video we let you watch it hope you will enjoy it 

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