December 26, 2014

Meeting: Flame Boy

   Having a web site is a great opportunity to meet peoples, and some times we have the chance to find a shiny gem in all this darkness.

   This time we made the nice meeting of a designer a great one, why? you will understand when you fully read this post.

    We had the chance to have a little interview with this designer, we asked him some personal questions, some professional question, and some funny question like always, so keep reading and meet this designer with us.

     The interview like always is a question answer interview, so let's begin, our first question was: 

1- First give us a little introduction, tell us more about you.

Flame Boy : the designer asked for the anonymity, so he gave us a pseudo that we will use in this interview the        pseudo is  (Flame Boy) an amateur fan of anime and Japanese manga and also ultra fan of Japanese food.

2- after having the chance to see your drawing I could notice that you start to publish long ago, the question is when did you Start to draw?

Flame Boy : I started drawing from a young age because I was following very much the Japanese animated drawings, I spent my childhood watching anime and drawing pictures of my favorite heroes.

3- did you took a training or a formation in drawing or did you study it in the university or where?

Flame Boy : no I did not take a formation i had a special training I learned as it naturally without realizing.

4- Your drawing style is special especially the 3D drawing so what exactly is this style what's its  name and what are technical and steps for your designs ?

Flame Boy : this is a drawing style among others it's kind of special, this design requires a lot of know-how and which expresses the
sensation of seeing the design on a different angle, giving the illusion that the drawing out of the paper their are a lot of styles in the 3D mine is basic I use as sheets of drawings and critter to do it: 

- first must calculate the correct angle the right position and mostly well master shading without forgetting for other 3D genres that require perspective points that can not determine the techniques and steps to follow for each design is specific to use these techniques and these steps and this is the 3D snag so in this cases i have to be creative.

5- how did you choose this style?

Flame Boy : I did not choose it as I like to discover the drawings and new styles it was an opportunity for me to do something else and move to another level, because the drawing is first just a fun hobby and a challenge

6- Are you inspired by a designer in particular?if yes who ?

Flame Boy : for me akira toriyama will always be the best Japanese mangaka like bruce lee for the Chinese because it's from him that I learned to master the art of drawing.

7- do you draw anything else rather manga characters? 

Flame Boy : yes, and no, like they say we can not do something we don't like.

8- since we talk about drawing manga what is your favorite manga in terms of design?

Flame Boy : I'm not an artist I'm a fan of manga all that is artistic i am not interested, and their are so many styles that I can't determined my preference I can at least name a few of my favorites which are: Dragon Ball Z nicky larson Fist gundam

9- are you a fan of manga (anime)? if so what's your Favorite manga (anime)?

Flame Boy : Dragon Bal Z

10- do you play video games? if so what kind and what is your favorite Video Game?

Flame Boy : yes I play a lot, my favorite video game is Assassin's Creed

11- do you plane to go further with your drawing like creating a manga or to integrate a creative house anime?

Flame Boy : I have already created one in the past and I lost my boards almost 60 pages in an accident beginner bottle of ink fell on stage and I lost all the work I have done over 6 months because of it, I lost the urge and did never try to make another one.
  After this assault of  question we did to designer flame boy we decided to stop and finish it with some funny question

12- Are you an otaku more than a gamer or the opposite ??

Flame Boy : i think i am both of them but I go moderately

13- which one do like the most facebook or tweeter ??

Flame Boy : I am more facebook

14- If we ask and Which is your best realization ??

Flame Boy : I'm not particularly proud of one of them if i can say I am proud of all my drawings


    That was an awesome time talking and discovering Flame Boy We also thank him another time for giving us a little bit from his Time.

    thanks again for reading all the interview and give us your opinion on the Comment Box Bellow 

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