December 21, 2014

[ Exclusive ] : The interview With : Rania Cosplay

She is a young Algerian Girl But She does an awesome Work Alone she made a lot of Cosplay , Costumes and Make Up special anime she participated at The FIBDA 2013 with a neko Girl Costume awesome Story and she has a lot of new projects on her future we are pleased to have an interview with the sweet Rania Cosplay

Digital Animes : So Hello my name is Itaku Kikosho from the digital animes team 
Site specialize in J-pop culture and video games also in interviews and talents discovery enchanted to meet you Miss. Rania
Well we noticed you from your facebook page ( over 1500 Like ) and specially when you did a photo shoot mirror ( cosplay another )
well you are Rania Cosplay depending on your facebook page, but could you tell us a bit more about you?   

Rania :  Hello you! My name is Rania I am a teenager like any other fan of manga, video games, drawing, reading and music. I am born in 'La Casbah' of Algiers but I grew up in a neighborhood not far from Hydra. I practiced some sports ; Rowing, Gym and Swimming  (I don't practice currently) ^-^

D A :  We have a sporty  among us it's great also from a noble family, since we speak I have seen a very beautiful pictures in your 
Facebook page with your grandparents (May God bless them)!! how did you begin this adventure of Cosplay your grandparents and your entourage have a little thing to add on your Story line ? 

Rania : It all started in 2009, I was in a convention and I saw a cosplayer in Goku, I asked him "what it was like style ?" and he explained me that it was not a suit but also staging Character and was the "it clicks"! I immediately set to work theCosplay of a fairy .. I am ashamed right now haha, otherwise for my family, my family takes me rather well and supports me , the hardest thing to do was to explain them what really means a cosplay and at the same time not talking about that for 24 H But For now it normal without problems  

DA : Well, we can say that it is a nice way how you discovered Cosplay With Goku's the more beautiful thing is your parents support 
it helps you to focus on your work and it is remarkable through the pictures : it really feels a change between of person for each cosplay you realize we can say that we can't find any point of resemblance !! I mean we do not find The rania through your Cosplay it seems that we are emerging by the character!! What is your secret how can you procured this feeling? Make us dreaming 

Rania : Already thank you, my secret is not hard to guess, I do not do the Cosplay for cosplay but I do to feel better and because it is my passion, I do it with love, moreover when I wear a cosplay I feel different, I'm not Rania I am the character, so the best way to succeed is to stay the same What happens the change will come alone ^ - ^ 

DA : And confirm what you are saying here and we clearly can seen it in one of your multiple realization I speak sure what it really Luffy really happy as him and another gloomy as L and i let readers appreciate others by themselves and since we talk about your accomplishments We could see a small Cosplay Last of us in your photo album !! ot means that you are also doing cosplays Gaming but actually what you prefer the Gaming / Anime? and think you realized else in the future?

Rania : Sure, I love change, and to choose between Cosplay gaming and other Anime / Manga for me is impossible, after its depends what game and what anime you are talking about since i'm very difficult on those things , for my projects I plan to do Medli from Zelda, I also plans to create my own characters' (yes I love the change) hah 

DA : Your idea of creating your own characters is an innovation and will probably be very original ! looking forward to see what your imagination reserve Although every effort you propose every day with your smile with your work but there regardless of negative remarks that you get what I mean precisely how you face has those reactions? That gives your the desire to stop some day? or the opposite? 

Rania : Well! I received MUCH! At first I had enough and truthfully I thougt completely to stop cosplay in Algeria, but over time I realized that those people are unable to come speak in front, it's enough to criticize behind their screens, or on my back, that's true even hurt a lot but you have to flush it with that kind of person, and  I advice everyone has really care for destructive comments and take into consideration ONLY constructive notice  ^ W ^

DA : we clearly see a very strong character in you and courageous Strong I congratulate you for this really RESPECT But let us return a little on the Cosplay: have you of another project in the future? considering you to create a YouTube channel or whatever thing like that? is knowing that you often publishes very cool videos on your facebook page  

Rania : For youtube I already have one Her YT videos But I post very rarely, but I share moments on Snapchat and intagram,and for the future cosplays I really very desire to do a "armor" [ Snap: RaniatomicInsta: Nanayuuz ]

DA : A Cosplay armor that's it will be surely fantastic, thank you again for answering my questions but I have  a little " IICK " in my head !! if you started cosplay you have in the past an idol I mean who is the current cosplayers that inspires you? 

Rania : No, I don't have particular person that inspires me, I do my work and I keep my personality and then for making my outfits I look different pictures on DevianART 

DA : Again I admire you with your originality .. we reach the end of this interview and in our team we have a little game with question that needs very short answers is called 4 in my world then can we start?

Rania : Go for it! ^ - ^ 

DA : FaceBook Or Twitter and why ? 

Rania : Facebook, I am more certain of the person to whom I am speaking

DA : Gamer Girl or Anime Lover ? What is you favorite ( Anime / Game ) ?

Rania : Hmm I say both haha x) My favorite anime for now is SNK and my favorite game is Silent Hill

DA : Last Question: Your best accomplishment?

Rania : I will say at the Neko FIBDA 2013, it has been and will remain my favorites cosplay

DA : this is the end of this wonderful interview on your company i will say goodbye until the next FIBDA for a video with us I leave the last for you get your message to your fans !! So as you want my dear !!  

Rania : I do not consider them as fans, it's not my fans but friends of me! I find that the word fan will make me a star I'm not, I would like first of all thank from the bottom of my Heart for everything, and without them I will not be here ! 

DA : Again thank you Miss. Rania is a great pleasure to do this interview with you and I wish you happiness and Success THANK YOU 

Rania : Thank you to you for choosing me ! Good luck ^. ^ 

So thanks again for Miss Rania for giving us a little from her time hope you liked the interview please of you Subscribe and like her Facebook page she is very Active and funny and please don't use here photos and she Claim there Copyright and any use illegally will be tolerated as a violation of copyright 

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