December 28, 2014

DS vs PSP | What's better ?

Introduction :

Hello, today we're putting the two handhelds consoles against each other in a fight to the death, every console has its own qualities, we'll compare them and highlight every handheld's power points, cast your opinions in the comment section, and don't forget to share this article.

Processing power and Graphics:

Actually, this is really no contest, it's crystal clear that the PSP will win this round whithout even trying, it's processor with 333 MHZ is really superior to the DS's one, and the RAM also, furthermore, the PSP won this round for sure.

Selling rates:

The DS is the 2nd most sold video game console in history, it's a very big success for nintendo, the PSP is the 8th one, thanks to its touch screen, the DS managed to attract a lot of attention, by using its new way of playing video game, the DS won this round.

Battery life and loading time:

As we all know, the PSP has an UMD drive, which needs a rotational force to rotate the disk inside, in order that the data will be captured by the laser in addition to that, it has more RAM and more processor cache, all of this things contributes on lowering down the battery life of the PSP, in other hand, the loading time of the PSP is just too long comparing it to the DS, nintendo uses the EEPROM cathridges which helps to lower the loading time, whereas Sony uses the UMD drive, which need a lot of time to load a game, so in brief, the DS won this one with a K.O


Both consoles have D-pads, the real comparison is between the analogue stick of the PSP and the touch screen of the DS, if we're going to play classical games likewise football the analogue is a clear winner, but in the other hand, the touch screen allows you to be creative and gives you the ability to input unique schemes, in brief, both controls are good and comfortable, it'll be a tie this time.

Games and entertainment:

The amount of entertainment that the PSP brought us is really tremendous, and promoting games form the PS2 and bringing them to the PSP was really a good idea, because we have the ability to play Pes, God of war, The Warriors, GTA and a lot more using our handheld consoles that we can bring to anyplace, in addition to that, you can surf the internet, or watch a movie on your PSP, which is both helpful and useful, But there's no one in the world that can deny that Nintendo has the best games all over history, featuring Mario, Pokemon, The legend of zelda, Metroid, Professor layton, Ace Attorney and a lot more, due to the lack of their graphical power, Nintendo focuses a lot on gameplays, and they succeeded on making their games the most memorable ones on a handheld console ever, and their selling rates are just too high, nintendo got 7 games of 10 top sold video games in history, DS got this one too.


PSP and the DS are both consoles that entertained our childhood, both of them had been successful handheld consoles, each of them has its own qualities and disadvantages, in my opinion, I found that the DS is much better in terms of amusement, simply because nintendo's games can entertain us with their fancy games, and brillant memorable characters.

Written by: Laadidaoui Omar

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