November 26, 2014

Okaito speaking [ Mushishi ]

    Hello guys new week means new videos of  DA (okaito speaking) and this time we will speak about an anime that is not well knew en but don't mean it is not a good one, the name of the anime is mushishi.

   Mushishi is a manga created by Yuki Urushibara  it initial output was in 1999 , the first tv adaptation was the 22/10/2005  by Hiroshi Nagahama of studio artland this manga had also a movie and some OVA's.
    For the manga it self it is the story of the charachter called ginko which  is a musihshi it is sort of a doctor against the mushi's
wish are kind of c parasite or insect that lives in the human world, but not everyone can see them only the mushishi and some selected one.
    We will not spoil all the anime just watch the video and we hope that you will like it.
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