November 17, 2014

Digital Animes our first birthday And our Story !!

        A year from now our web site saw the light, and now a year passed already wow it amazing and surprising how the time pass quickly, all we can say is that a lot happened during this year. 

  The official date of the creation of the web site was the 11/11/2013 and our first post was the 14/11/2013 but all the technique
stuff and all the team was settled the 16/11/2013 and this is way all the team agreed to make this date the birthday of the web site.

   When we first started this adventure we did it on facebook where we made a page and we posted anime & gaming stuff from time to time we made games then we had an idea why not create a web site ? so we created one and it was a great felling, we always loved animes and games and always wanted to work on it and this was the chance, last year even if it was our first year it was full of surprises, we had the chance to cover a lot of anime and mangas & games release and we also made retro looking posts many times, one of the best things that happened was the partnership with a team called the gamers rules this team is great and the guys who work on it are also great, after all this we started our youtube channel  the first one any way we made lot of top 10 on animes and games we also made some tutos but this channel was a big fail we did not knew the rules and this what bring us to our second channel for now this is a growing channel we only made a top 10 but we work on it so don't worry this will be an amazing channel we hope any way, and after all the troubles on the web we had our first big chance to shine in our country in fact an event was made and we covered it from the start to the end the FIBDA was a big opportunity for us, in the same event we had the chance to meet Link captendo and Eva cosplay and the interview we made with them was rather successful a special thanks to them, and the most of the most we have a domain now we are

       Now we are growing up slowly but carefully we are now the happy proprietor of a facbook page with more then 8000 Likes and web site with more then 1000 visitor peer day and a youtube channel with 72 subscribers ( By the way Subscribe ) . 

   Of cores all this would not have been possible without your help and the help of all our partners From all the Digital Animes team 

thank you !

The team: Okaito kikocho-Zak Zico-Itaku Kikocho-Ykataro Kikocho-Missa- Meriem Robbin

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