September 30, 2014

Meeting: Link Captendo


  In our adventure in the FIBDA 2014 Algeria we had the chance to meet great people to see great cosplayers and to enjoy every second we passed their, one of our best moment was the meeting with one of the oldest otaku gamer of our country LINK CAPTENDO , this men is well known in our country and he is very respected by all the otaku and gamer in this country.
    Captendo was very nice to give us some of his time for a little meeting,
in fact he was really busy with taking the event pictures, pictures of each cosplayer because he was one of jury of the best cosplayer 2014, like we said we had the chance to have a meeting with so before we talk about this let's make a little introduction for this men.
    Captendo the name is Idir Ihamichene an old anime lover and one of the rare old Generation gamer and he is still watching animes and playing games, he studied in the School of Fine Arts, worked in the animation in the animation studio of Alger Algeria he also did lot of story board, publicity conception and advertising spots he also work as an illustrator, when we spoke with him he expressed his ambition to enter the world of cinematography in fact he has some courmitrage in preparation, and on the top of all that he also wanted to begin a career in the web show universes which guide us to his you tube channel the Captendo channel.
     The captendo channel was created in 2009 by captendo him self so it's the official channel when we asked him about his channel and his goal he said {{ I originally created this channel to show my work to peoples, because when they ask me about my work it is the easiest way to show them directly my work }} 
when we took a look to his channel we noticed two things:

-1st yes he show his work in the channel 
-2nd lately he begins to speak about animes and games sometimes he criticize them and sometimes he just speaks about what he like, so when asked him about the second part of the channel he said {{ in the start i just talked about what i think and i was not waiting to have that much return back from the fans even if it is still modest i was really touched and thats way i continued in this road }} we also asked him what his goal with this second part of the channel he said {{ like i said i actually made this channel to show my work this second part was original made to have a maximum of fun and it was a new experience for me, and i really like you tube it the place where you can be yourself and be very independent, i can speak what i want where i want so this is the real goal }}
    We piked two videos from his channels one he criticizes the death note the other one he criticizes shinjiki no kyojine  when we asked him what are the criterion that he follow to criticize an anime he said {{ i noticed that people when they criticize an anime they do it via the comparision with another anime like Naruto VS one piece or they do it via the anime it self but the way i do it is that i use universal cinaristique criterion and this is what i want people to understand a good scenario in an anime can be compared to a good one in a movie }} we also noticed that he speaks in his channel about games an give his view point like the zelda video that i really liked and i have the same opinion us him for this game
      When we asked what was the first anime that made him follow this road he said {{ i don't really remember an anime in particularly i really remember an era more then an anime and this is what i spoke about it in my first video }} 
      We also asked him what is his best anime he said {{ i have two the incomparable Akira and my favorite anime is Ken le survivent ( Hokuto no Ken) }}
     When we asked him what is his best game he said {{ i don't have a particular game i
just play everything that propose to me a new original unique universe, but i have a special like for the license capcome and nintendo and that's where is my nickname is from captendo 
cap= capcom     
tendo=nintendo }}
      And then we made him do a little quiz that we call it digital family, the quiz is that we ask 3 question and he must give a quick answer so: 
we asked facebook or twitter? he said {{ facebook }} 
we asked anime or game which do you like the most? he said {{ neither one nor the other }}
we asked what is you creation that you are most proud of ? he said {{ it would be  Karkindi but it not out yet but the trailer is out }} 
      At last we asked him what advice can he give to the once who want to begin a Carrier on you tube he said {{ if you go on you tube enjoy it don't copy the other make something that you want to do something you want to speak about be us much independent and natural us you can make simple enjoy it }}
      Meeting captendo was a great chance & experience and it was fun we thank him for the time he gave to us and the help he gave so we can cover our first event we will make it simple us he said: thank you IDIR.    

     you can follow Captendo on his Facebook or his Page or his You tube channel just click in the links

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