September 28, 2014

FIBDA Algeria 2014 the most famous otaku event in Algeria

     So today is a special post for the FIBDA the (Festivale International De La Bande DessinĂ©e D'Alger) it was orgonized with the collaboration of the Edition Z-link and The ONDA (Office National Des Droits D'auteurs Et Droits Voisins), this event take place in Algeria since 2008 and each year it became more and more famous, this year we had the chance to be their and we took pictures and asked people what they think about it we spoke to the organizations and the workers their and here is what we have.
Z-link team on the work
 This year event gathered a lot of great teams and good stuff all for the joy of the Algerian otaku's
Laabstore magazine
    First of all we will speak about the Z-link of cores because they are the once who organized the event they had the most favorable place it is only natural they organized the cosplay tournament and they proposed a lot of things to sell like the Algerian BD (samy-kun, houma fightern,loundha, la revolution, victory....)  and Laabstore their official magazine who by the way has a great success and most of stock marked (out of stock)
even theif main character work with Z-link

in the first day they also proposed lot of otaku goodies to sell, the main attraction was the cosplay tournament of cores and those where the rules:

Cosplay contest FIBDA - Z-LINK - ONDA :
   The cosplay competition will be held this Friday, September 26th at the esplanade of Riadh El Feth at 18 o'clock
   All applicants are asked to arrive 17 o'clock at the Z-LINK standee to register.

   To take part, Register for free at the Z-LINK booth at the International Festival of Comics FIBDA Algiers. Will be photographed dressed in costume and perform a scene (as original as possible) in the space that will be dedicated to him, when FIBDA 2014.

    A jury of cartoonists, artists and enthusiasts BD decide between the candidates.
The jury of the cosplay tournament  
    The selection criteria are:

1 - The quality of the costume (the details will decide the most deserving)

2 - Involvement and originality of gesture and attitude of the candidate.

3 - The originality of the staging.

    The jury will also consider positive values ​​expressed by the costume and character: generosity, friendship, solidarity, spirit of exchange ...
    The candidate (s) should not appear in a suit already used in a previous Cosplay Z-LINK or FIBDA.
Several prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
- Best Cosplay: ONDA 100 000 DA
- Best Costume: 80 000 DA
- Best Cosplay group: 80 000 DA
- Best Cosplay humor: 60000 DA
- Best Cosplay Algeria: 50,000 DA
the winners of the cosplay tournament will be announced later

    Now for the other team a standee of Kaza Edition was in the party they did a lot of dedication and presented BD's of all type, in the same place we had the chance to meet Eva cosplay very famous in Algeria, like the name here spatiality is the cosplay she can made any or almost any anime movie game character alive meeting here was great honor and joy for us and for the fans who did not miss the chance to take pictures with here, and all we can say she did not take it easy on the event she made a cosplay for each day, she announced it on her facebook page and here is the announce :
Eva cosplay with the storm cosplay 

Hola! I'll be at this year FIBDA goal I will not participate way to the contest, it Will Be Especially to decompress and meet friends there for work purpose aussi:program:Wednesday: JubileeThursday: (dedication "Alive") (that mean's no cosplay the true one :p)Friday: StormSaturday: Ling XiaoyuI thing the Easiest suit to wear for the eventWe'll do a lot of cool sefies! so do not forget to come!so if you want to come say hello, talk cosplay or BD, please go to stand Kaza edition (I'll be there during those 4 days) * _ *

  All the fan that we asked said (that they really loved every cosplay she made, and meeting her was great experience, and here energy and joy made the event more and more cooler)

    For rest of the event we 

visited the DEFALI edition it is a great stande with all the creation of Defali great board where exposed on them the assassin's creed BD and other once wish will the fan's certainly recognize

   A standee was given the Steelseries Team who presented the electronic stuff of the series.

    A workshop was specially made with the name '(Atelier war hadja) for the fan's to draw everything they want and their where

  teachers to give them tips and guide the once who wanted to perfect their drawing technique, we did not have the chance to draw a thing the board was full the first day we where like o_O''  And the top of the top the thing i personaly enjoyed was the library it was great one with all the BD of anime's of all sort (fairy tail, naruto,bleach,death note, walking dead,marvels,.....) a lot of BD's that naming all of them will take a hole page.

The admin Zak Zico in the middle of the work 



   For the guest's we did not had the chance to meet them all neither to speak with them it is due to the authority that was given to us which we can say it was 20% of all the event but it was cool we think that it was a great experience to us especially that it is the first event we covered so we are still happy.

    At the same time of the event and the cosplay show a different event happened we can call it an event it was a a shooting show for a video made by Link Captendo he announced it on an event page on facebook (tournage d'une cosplay vodeo a Alger)the announce was :

    ((within the cosplay contest organized by Z-link Laabstore during FIBDA 2014 Captendo Channel conduct a cosplay video!
    The time has come for the cosplayers and cosplayers Algerian  have a video that unites them all in their best day! will be present to take photos for cosplayers and cosplayers who wish))

Link captendo

Captendo in the middle of the shooting video 

    A special post will be done later specially for Captendo and an other one specially for eva cosply to the once who are interested, so be patient guys
When the boss speak every one listen
 Now at last but not at less the pictures of the contenders to the title of the best cosply FIBDA 2014 Algeria:
Assassin's creed cosplay (by the way thats me with the gun) :p

Elusive Digital Animes Photo Shot With the Copsplay of Ac 4

Death Kid cosplay soul eater 

The mysterious shinigami 
Gohan VS meca friza

Gundam Algeria

The ghost buster

The anouenne duelist 

Hollow ichigo 

Razim the walking death 

Jack sparrow came to algeria XD

Ahlem Uchiha 

luffy beaten by the mysterious ninja 

The Algerian Law 

Link VS Link we don't knew why but it did happen 

Ezio VS Edward 

Even the walking death must take a break 

stein sensei 

eden pierce 


the double luffy's 

you cant see him never 

sims & the unknown cosplay 

atmen aliwat

the batman 

The gundam 

This is a Digital Anime Video / Photo shot the use of this video / Photo With out permission Will Be tolerated us a Violation Of Copy Right

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