September 30, 2014

[ Exclusive ] : Interview with the Awesome EVA Cosplay

  FIBDA 2014 was a great success awesome Otaku friends but it was also a big Cosplay event with Good Cosplayers and Costumes that really gived special sensation to those three days , Digital Animes had the chance to have the excellent Eva Cosplay in an elusive interview  where she told us about her passion for the cosplay and other things. 

Digital Anime : Good Morning How are you ? Well I introduce myself , I am from the team digital anime a blog specializing in Japanese culture ( Mangas / Anime ) & Video Games ....
Well we noticed you on your Facebook page where you post all your Cosplays ... but before every one knows you with the name Eva Cosplay but in reality who are you ?

Eva Cosplay : Well Good Morning too ; I am an algerian Girl who study French literature Level Master 2 at the beginning i made Story line but the truth I am fascinated by all that is creative and imaginative this why we could say that I have a side for cosplay.

DA : We also Notice from your facebook page that you have American BD Cosplay more than you have mangas & anime Cosplay , are you american BD ( marvel ) side than Mangas ? 

Eva : well real property to say it's just a coincidence I love making Anime Cosplay where we can see as an example Missa From Death Note Tiffa from Final Fantasy VII and i also like making BD american cosplay as an example Super Girl  Jubilee I want to add that comics cosplay has been suggested to me by Mr.captendo which is my main photographer , but the key of making Cosplays it's just appreciate the character and try to give the best in order to reflect the maximum of his personality that my technique. 

DA : can we see the cosplay of Bayonetta one day because it's my favorite character ? 

EVA : *laugh* well i thought to do it but i stoped , i stopped a lot of costumes we can say that sometimes it's a bit complicated to end a cosplay because of the character that changes his mentality in the middle of the scenario or a game , it doesn't help me a lot because when we do a cosplay we can't just do a part of the character if we could we do all the character But for Bayonetta i must play the game before in order to understand to perform the costume very well well.

DA : You said on your facebook page that today you are on off mode it means no cosplay just dedication of ' Alive ' can you tell us more ? 

EVA : yes that absolutely true yesterday i was with the Jubilee Costume and today i am on off mode for a dedication of ' Alive ' and Meeting with my fans and subscribes but tommorow i will be with the costume of Storm. 

DA : Well for the last question we on Digital anime team we have 4 questions we ask to every one we call it 4 about my univers So shall we begin ? 

EVA : Yes , go on !! 

DA : Facebook or Twitter ? 

EVA : Facebook !

DA : Anime Lover or Gamer Girl ?

EVA : well Anime Lover more than Gamer but it doesn't mean that i don't play video games i just watch animes more than i play video games.

DA : You Favorite Anime & Video Game ? 

EVA : For the Anime i really like samurai champloo, ghost hunt, monster but for video games i have a little crash for Okami beacause it beautiful and creative also like devil Kings on Ps2 know in japan as Sengoku Basara. 

DA : your greatest achievement on cosplays ? 

EVA : here it's a little tricky to choose we could say that i really like the Jubilee one also the costume of Sonic even if it not a cosplay it just an uniform more that it a cosplay but that of I'm really proud is Ling Xiaoyu because at the beginning i said it very dificult to do this one it an asiatique Cosplay but at the end when i finish the work I appreciated what i did and i was really amazed and it still my best one. 

DA : Last Words for peoples who likes Doing cosplay and don't have the right conviction to continue ? 

EVA : Well only one thing do not give up do not give up do not give up that all. 

DA : Well thanks a lot Miss Eva for giving us this opportunity to have this conversation with you that was awesome and Good luck !! 

EVA : thanks to you too and good luck with your blog and your dreams have a nice day too.

So that was a good time talking to this super nice beautiful and adorable Cosplyer who did a good job do not forget to like her Facebook page she is very active and don't use her pictures it protected by her Copyright any use of this article or her pictures will be tolerate as a violation of copyright.

Credit :
Digitale Anime Don't own the Copyright of the Pictures ( except the picture of storm ) on this article Pictures were taken from the page Eva Cosplay Shooted By : Captendo Channel & Mehdi Drew 

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