June 4, 2014

[ Your Digitale ] : Madara Stronger / Kirito One last standing.... Amv production ( @Daxerus Creation )

Welcome Guys on This New part of Digitale Animes where the web Site is Yours all you have to do is just Create An AMV / a game clip / drawing / Do a Cospaly / and we shall put it on our web Site all this in order to share Moment with you . Hope You will like this idea and we will finish with 

  be creative and always try and fail than to make you a Special One
Madara Stronger

Who does not know Madara Uchiha and it Evil infernal strength. That What the AMV creator  DAX will shows us on His video Where Madara  fight With it full power . I liked it a lot and I invite you to watch it too have a nice watching

Kirito One last standing :

And The best For the end Sword Art Online ; in this AMV if you look Closely you can see and touch the power of kirito it absolutely Good one over  1 Million View on Youtube it means that the Dax Videos Are not Simple one any way be ready Kirito fans because i am Sure you Will like it after all it Kirito ^^ 

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