May 31, 2014

[ Special ] : Pc Gamer VS Console Gamer

Today When The Game Took a Big Place on the World and it almost Known by everybody; the game is now a big Discussion where the creator of games know how to play with .

as an example we found a big debate about whose the Best PC or Consoles ?? Today we are going to see and some how clear the Subject  

#1 The Hard-ware  :

We all know that Pc games are more beautiful than Console games it means that if you have the right Items ( hard ware ) you can play in advanced graphic more than 1920 x 1080 rather on Consoles you are limited by the graphic card of the Console But in consoles the Hard ware is homogeneous it means that  every hard ware run as it should be like this you can play your game with any bugs but on Pc you have a graphic card ok good !!! but you don't have a very good CPU or RAM so why are you using Pc and we add that every game need it specific hard-ware and not all pc gamer are rich

as a conclusion Consoles Win this battle
#2 The Content  : 

If We talk about Content we will probably take one day talking well Consoles are made by societies that makes video Games as an example Sony made PlayStation and at the same time made God of War a game that every true gamer want to play but PC don't have even a societies it just random staff putted on a big plastic that all and exclusiveness of pc what ?? you will tell me rise of nations and other games it not some how at the same level of God of war or Halo 5 

as a conclusion Consoles Win this battle
#3 The Level :

The level of Pc gamers are to Low against to level of Console Gamers Why ?? because most of pc players play Call of and Fps some League of legends & Dota that all BUT Consoles Gamer play FPS and all the other games from Course, Sport, RPG this last one ( rpg ) make a player more intelligent and Patient so directly Wisdom besides Pc gamer are the Biggest haters and bad players = Strong But don't think that you won because if you played the Game One piece great adventure 2 on PS2 ( Sure that pc Gamer don't know this game -- and he call him self a gamer lol -- ) you will notice that Wisdom win Strong Go check the Game

as a conclusion Consoles Win this battle

in the end it my opinion and you can tell me that am wrong or not it your opinion too We will Stop Here With the Win of the Console Gamer 

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