May 6, 2014

Naughty Dog great move on Uncharted PS4

     Jonathan Cooper do you knew him, he is the animation director of assassin's creed III and Naughty Dogs hired him in the late February he officially moved from Ubisoft montreal to Naughty Dog.
     Jonathan Cooper said on his website "When working at an art-centric Ubisoft Montreal studio: such as I Had-been hard-pressed to find anywhere That takes video game entertainment Seriously've got there, I've long Naughty Dog Held up as a titan in video game entertainment purpose Ultimately Being won over by Their game-changing work on The Last of Us, "he also added . "It's no understatement to say, in my opinion, that 'that game HAS set a new standard for tone and characterization in video games."
     Uncharted for PS4 has-been in development for more than three years. According To a report Sony Will for the first time show off gameplay at E3 in June, we look forward to it.

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