April 26, 2014

Top 5 of the best gun users in anime world

    Saturday is here and that means it is the Saturday time, so in this Saturday we choose to make a special top 5 of the best gun users in anime world, it was hard to chose but we did it so no more waiting this is it.
N°5 alcard helsing:
   Alucard is one of the first vampires have existed , if not the first. according to the fact that he lifted the barrier seals designed to limit the use of its capabilities , its appearance changes. he has a vast repertoire of supernatural powers and is an expert in combat firearms : his superhuman strength allows him to use strange and impressive guns a human could not handle.

N°4 XanXus katekyo hitman man reborn 
     Xanxus is the current leader of the Varia and the main antagonist of the Varia Arc . He was born in the high poverty alone by his mother. One day, her mother discovered the Flame of Heaven and his son then decided to take him to the 9th Timotheo Sponsor of the Vongola family. Since then, he became the adopted son of the 9th name . Xanxus is extremely powerful . In addition to its superior physical and mental strength that exceed those of most regular humans, Xanxus also possesses a destructive power called the " Flame of Wrath " , which was originally used by the 2nd Vongola . Xanxus also has two guns , using a technique originally developed by Vongola 7th , which combines the flame of anger with bales of last will. As a result, Xanxus is a formidable foe . In the Varia Arc , he faced guards Tsuna Sawada for the Vongola rings, which failed in this attempt . In the arc of the future, he will kill Rasiel , Belphegor 's twin brother , with his box weapon and pistols . His animal is the box " liger sky and storm ," whose name is Bester , it is a mix between a lion and a tiger able to use the flames of storm and sky. During the attack of six real funeral wreaths , it will save Gokudera , Lal Mirch and Ganma Zakuro 's attack .

N°3 bayonetta   the only girl in the ranking
     In a world where magic reigns clash Umbra Witches, mistresses forces of darkness, and the wise men of Lumen, defenders of the light. Bayonetta, a seductive woman, well tempered character with magical powers, is the last to master the mysteries of the Umbra. Twenty years ago, she woke up in a coffin submerged at the bottom of a lake. It was discovered by the father Luka, a journalist in pursuit of Bayonetta because it is convinced that it is she who is responsible for the death of his father. Unable to remember her past, Bayonetta continues to lead a fight against the angels to stay alive with the help of Enzo, his favorite informant, and Rodin, gunsmith and keeper of a bar called the Gates of the hell.

N°2 vash the sumped trigun 
    It would have caused the destruction of the city of July 21 July of the year 104 at 14h06 . He has no memory of this period and therefore do not know if it is responsible or not for what he is accused . The only memories he has are from waking in the disaster and some pieces of his childhood. Later, he goes against his will, destroy a new city and make a crater in the fifth moon of the planet . This has successively awarded 60 000 000 $ 000 , then he was simply regarded as a natural disaster , just as an earthquake or typhoon (hence the nickname Humanoid Typhoon ) . This is a formidable competitor who tries not to kill anyone . He travels the world in search of his brother Knives he wants to quit. However, the rumors about him are mostly false ; most things are brought against him without his knowledge , which prevents feel as responsible as if he was solely to blame. We also discover that mastering the ancient techniques , or know the people are very rare and much sought after since the maintenance of these machines is vital for the people ( it disables the heart of a plant on the verge of exploding and defenses of an old abandoned spacecraft ) .

N°1 and without any surprise dante from devil may cry 
    Dante, the detective specializing in the paranormal. Its role is limited somewhat to play breakers arm demons. His daily life is divided between his slate on the pizza delivery man and his missions. He fights with his sword Rebellion and his pistols Ebony and Ivory. He is a fan of strawberry ice cream.
Patty Royal, an orphan girl who spends most of his time in Devil May Cry, Dante's office. Talkative, naive and feminist, she constantly tries to "humanize" the old bachelor what Dante.

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