March 2, 2014

Top 5 of the Best Swordsman in Anime (by Digitale Animes)

 From now on our team will try every Saturday to post a special top 5 of some category like today it will be a top 5 of the best swordsman of Anime we will start slowly with top 5 then we will do top 10 hope you will supporter us and like our selection
    Before i forget the special Saturday is also a way for you to send us your videos that you make or pictures that you do with Photoshop you have just to respect the theme of the blog which mean that your creation must be of anime or game or informatique devise, you just have to contact us on our Facebook our tweeter or Gmail

TOP 5 of the best swordsman (by Digital Animes) 
number 5:  mifune soul eater 

number 4: Kenshin from samurai kenshin or samurai X or rurouni kenshin

Number 3: yeiye from yuyu hakusho 

Number 2: Kurosaki Ichigo from bleach

NUMBER 1: RURONA ZORO from one piece

-so the Digitale Animes team agreed that the top 5 was :

 5-Mifoune from soul eater.
 4-Kenshin from rurouni kenshin.
 3-Yeye from yuyu hakusho.
 2-Kurosaki ichigo from bleach.
 1-Rurona zoro from one piece.

okaito: when i chose the ranking i did not look at the strength but at the diversity of the technique of each swordsman and his technique with sword and that is result
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