March 15, 2014

Top 10 of the saddest deaths in anime and gaming world

 It is Saturday so it time for the Saturday time, this week we chosed for you saddest deaths in anime & gaming world we chosed 5 scenes of anime deaths and 5 scenes of game deaths.
    The 10th place
 go to the anime and game at the same time persona 4 and the death of nanako who was like the little sister of the hero of the game and died by mistake, at least this what he thinks

    The 9th place
will be for the game final fantasy 7 on Play Station 1 and the death of aerith who died by the hands of sepheroth and the hero cloud could not save her

     The 8th place
will be for the death of iris in atelier iris 3 the poor girl died right in front of the eyes of her lover who fighted all the game for her sake and almost died 3 times in the end she sacrificed her self yeah life is hard 

     The 7th place
will be for the death of Boss the mentor of solid snake who will be in the futer big boss, the boss was a double agent who sacrificed her safe for the best of her country and you will not knew it instill you kill her so no turning back for boss
      The 6th place
will be for the death of L the detective of the anime death not who some how loosed his fight against yagami light and died in front of the eyes of this one, L died knowing that light was the murder but he could not prove it

      The 5th place
is the death of leloush lamprouge who died by the hands of his best friend all this for the best of their country, he is one the anime characters who planned their death so he died with no regrets

     The 4th place
is the died of Piers Nivans who sacrificed him self to safe his captain and kill the infection

      The 3rd place of the saddest death 
with a draw and no surprise it is the death of both jiraiya and itachi uchiha of naruto shipuuden the one died against pain and the other against his younger brother the two died for protecting their way and the once they loved and died smling

      The 2nd place 
goes to ace who died protecting his brother he taked the attack that almost hit luffy and died after a hard fight to libirat him the death of ace was a big shock for all the fan's of the one piece series

     Zak of Final Fantasy 7 crisis core on PSP, all i can say he leaved and died like the hero he was and he deserve the first place

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