February 3, 2014

Game On Algeria with the GR's The Gamer-rules.

  Live for Game this is the best way to describe a gamer besides there is a lot of other signification like playing and organizing tournament ,Otakus Show mangas and Cospaly and other many things that describe a Gamer  To day we found this spirit in Algeria AMAZING and specially the team " GR " 
The Gamers-Rules so let check it NOW

What is Gammer-Rules ?

Gamer-Ruels is a Site 100% Algerian Talking About the Daily News:
Video Games, Covering the most branches of the media in news and video with Pod casts on there YouTube channel with over than 100 subscriber and a over than 10000 total views in only 4 month a number of subscriber that most of the newest French game Youtuber dream to have this number.
besides Gamer-rules has more than Daily visitors Proof That this Site is a professional Site.

About the team ??

At the beginning before the gamer-rules the team was just 3 Persons GZOD ( Walid Mandi ) Kuro ( Chakir Hassan Khodja ) and GREY ( Ahmim Yanis ) the tree freinds were in the association Saiyuki Saiku for 2 years to take care of the video game industry events on this organisation, also the team was devoted to manga and Japanese culture ( Jap Algiers for example)where they find two other gamer Mano And Nadjou they are the stuff team. 6 Now !! they are ready for the jap Algiers 2
in Jardin El Merdja As in the first edition were planned an exhibition of retro consoles, test retro and modern games, free play and quizzes a really Good Time.

2 Years With Saiyuki Saiku The leader Grey Yanis think about to exit the organisation and have a new beginning for new days.
In fact the team go out with Grey and create " Gammer-rules "  
But before the site the team was active most of time on there Facebook Page where they report about the tournament and many other activity and also there channel on YouTube where the number of subscriber Grew quickly and we thank God for it 
But the team didn't always on Good news because They face many problems of partners but that wasn't enough to discourage The GR's they found new partners such us Torah to Ryu and Manga Shop
with whom we have successfully organized the Asian Summer. The Games Week took over thereafter, before giving way to the second edition of the Asian Summer , more precisely
the Asian Winter, since it was held last December
Very Good beginning for the GR's and we hope for the best for this team!! 
we finish the presentation of this Team with a quote of this team said by the Leader Grey Yanis  

we believe to be the first public lecture on the history of video games in Algeria . And it is a great pride for us .
Good Lucke guys and Hope for your succeed and also great Thanks for vinyculture about the information Good luck too 

                   - Digitale Animes team - 

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