February 16, 2014

Discover if your computer is hacked in 60sec

You certainly some doubts to be hacked even if your computer have a protection or an anti-viruses, and some time we wanna just be sure our computer is properly of malware, so in this article i will show you a way how to enhance the protection of your computer by the examination of malware/penetration in just 60 sec.

The idea is one of the leading company in the protection Bitdefender, which recently placed at the disposal of users and client free Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner scans your computer in 60 seconds it like you install a real antivirus.

So the idea of Bitdefender company is instead of  installing a protection program may exceed an area of ​​100 megabyte, it will split the program into two parts part is called the client not exceeding an area of ​​3 megabytes and a second part is for the rest of the program,which will be available on the server-called cloud where when you run the client will create a channel of communication between your computer and the application who is in the server company that he will tested and answer the client if there malicious software.

And the weakness of this program is that he just detect the penetration and not remove it, so you should download the full program to remove it.

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