January 3, 2014

The most pirated movie in 2013

War still exist between the film producers and the major networks download via torrent , the last cost cinema a substantial sums, and similar to it have been lifted thousands of complaints against judicial torrent sites that promote for each pirated products and assist in the distribution across all the pioneers of the net, And you may have noticed that the networks of torrent are enlarged and here users multiplies day after day, can no longer be stopped, especially and that any international action against it will generate a spark is difficult to stop and may cost a fictional money.

In a statement to the site torrentfreak shows the list of the most movie exposed to pirating and download by torrent sites for the year 2013 and has come in the list in the following order:

In the first place is wonderful movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,  it grossed an estimated one billion dollars and has been downloaded 8.4 million times from torrent sites.

In second place comes the film Django Unchained by more than 8.1 million load and revenues estimated at about 425 million dollars!

In third place comes the movie Fast and Furious 6, which was downloaded 7.9 million times and has achieved a revenue of 788 million dollars.

In fourth place comes the movie Iron Man 3 with 7.6 million load and 1.2 billion dollars in revenue!

In fifth place comes the movie Silver Linings Playbook loaded with 7.5 million and 236 million dollars in revenue!

In sixth place comes the movie Star Trek Into Darkness with 7.4 million and download 467 million dollars in revenue!

Ranked seventh film Gangster Squad comes with 7.2 million and download 105 million dollars in revenue!

In eighth place comes a film Now You See Me with 7 million and download 351 million dollars in revenue!

Ranked ninth the film The Hangover Part 3 with 6.9 million and download 351 million dollars in revenue!

the tenth place comes the film World War Z with download 6.7 million and 540 million dollars in revenue!

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