January 23, 2014

The best sites to download older versions of programs.

      Sometimes we may need to use some older versions of the software may be because the new is not working well, either because the computer resources are weak or because some jobs are no only in older versions of some programs. This is a list of some of the most famous sites known to download older versions of programs so let check this Tuto and see how it works

Is one of the famous sites known to provide the oldest versions of the programs that operate either on Windows or Lex addition to the Mac, since it has in its database of thousands of various programs and I advise you to be is your first choice if you are looking for older versions of a particular program, but also games.


Is also well-known sites that offer new versions of the programs as well as the old ones, and you've already tried to download software from the site Servers filehippo as long as it is used widely and has a popular site for less than oldversion. But you have to be proposed alternative site in case you did not find Matbges him in the first position.


And The best site is oldapps because it easy to navigate sites more than the previous, it really will appreciate any person who is not a professional in the surf sites, also provides you with several categories of programs between Linux and Windows and Mac can find no further than.

                                           thank you for reading and have a nice day ^^
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