January 3, 2014

[ TEC ] : An over Connection SmartDesk !!!!!!!!!!!

   Most Of the programmer or user of a computer are The major of time Fat or very Skinny and this due to the time that he kept in front of his PC without doing sport just using his and eating, yes this is the truth
So Scientific specialist on Tec Thought about an invention that will Force the user to move and the found it by creating a Smart Desk.

    This desk Is some How a smart desk because this desk is using a software that calculate your calories. So when the desk think that you don't burn your calories when you are sitting it will automatically elevate the desk top from the position sitting to standing with a simple double tap on the digital screen of the desk ; it will move to the second position it means ( Standing <==> Sitting ).
 The desk can be used by more that one person because it has a also a smart analytic it means that it can learns from your patterns and save your sens presence  and if you forget to change the position the desk has an active Mode that will late you remember to change the position of the desk
 The desk is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Tec it means that us an example you can Keep you phone Powered all time.
In conclusion this is a New for the desk creators and now it a new generation of desks so Keep on Moving Wold.

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