January 2, 2014

[Retro Look] : Nintendo Game Boy.

game boy is a cult console that has accompanied our childhood and many gamer .the Retro-look of the  week  so to check the past of the console.........have a nice reading :)

 History :
The Game Boy has been released on 1989 in Japan created by Gunpie Yokoi the man that create the famous ( Game & Watch ; Virtual Boy )

Design :

The Game Boy has a screen Liquid Crystals hardly to see without light it was impossible to play with. but it was an awesome  Time.

Due to the success :

if the most of the game creator and player can't explained the secret of it success it because; the Gameboy has a special way to design there games ; the famous One : ZELDA , Pokémon , Wario , Mario and the Others.

Description ( Hard ware ) :

  • Main Processor: Custom 8-bit Sharp x80 clocked at 4.194304 MHz17
  • Main Memory (RAM): 8 Kio18
  • Screen: LCD19
  • Graphics capability: 160 × 144 in 4 shades of gray, up to 40 simultaneous sprites (8 × 8 or 8 × 16)
  • Video Memory: 8 KB
  • Sound capabilities: 4 channels stéréo20
  • Mass storage: game cartridges 32 KB to 8 Mio21
  • Connectors: Serial port for networking consoles (up to four)


                      Thank you For reading and have a nice day...................;)

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