January 17, 2014

Google : Release Th Beta version of Google Chrome 32.0

      Yesterday ( 16/01/2014 ) Google has release  32 version of the browser Google Chrome, the new version came with some very significant improvements. One of these improvements are the indicators that appear on the tabs. Terms of audio or video, as well as broadcast (Broadcast).

This new Version Include some new features Like :    

The icon of broadcasting or web camera sounds and videos 

The new feature is the old Safe Browsing service (automatic virus scan), which warns users from malicious websites and malicious files. Google Browser now is to prevent malicious files automatically.
There is also a supervised users is a new feature to help family members who may need to prevent the allocation of some sites in order to protect their children. You can create a number of users as you want through your browser settings, or visit This Link , you can also access the new interface to manage these accounts via This Link.

Google also improved the main interface for this particular system, browser and Windows 8.

in Order To download click Over here

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