January 13, 2014

Get a notification on your account on Facebook in case if a friend delete you

There are many applications that claim to make you know who has deleted you from the list of Facebook friends, which is in fact spying on your account, while there are already other that no longer work because of frequent update of the social site Facebook.

in this article we will talk about how you will get notification  to your browser Google Chrome or Firefox in the case if someone delete you from his friend on Facebook.

so you just have to download the add Unfirend Notify to Google Chrome browser or Firefox via a site fbfriendcheck and then choose your browser (Google chrome, Firefox...) through the menu other browser
then at the bottom click on Activate to be transferred to page of  the addition.

After you add it go to your friends list on Facebook you'll find a new addition named Lost friends, It reflects the number of friends who have delete you with there profiles of course.

Enjoy!!! and if you like it press Like and Share it....Thank you.

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