January 31, 2014

Face book : How long have you lost in the social network ?

Facebook celebrates its tenth anniversary next week, February 4, 2014. a Very Good Question will be asked this time How Much Time did i lost on This Website ? besides we also know that some rumors said that the web site will disappearance in 2017 ; Wrong Facebook know has over 1.4 Millard user and 245 millions daily active user so let see how much time did you spend or lost on this web site.. 

 You too are probably registered on Facebook and in think of it, you think you've lost a hell of a time to post articles, photos and liking comment on the news of your "friends" activities that interest you now seems quite relative. Want to know how long since you lost your registration, an application allows you to find out that you can try it over Here 
 well this application don't give the time that you spend on Facebook without doing anything it give you the time you spend liking and sharing with your friend That my result :p

so us you see i posted 988 things waw *o* but with freinds it not wasting time it pleasure ;)

              Thank you for reading and have a nice day 
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