January 14, 2014

Create a professional video to your memories and Impress your friends

To merge some of the images and videos with music professionally saves you some beautiful memories with loved ones and friends you need to installing some huge montage programs  if you want to do it professionally, as well as it requires experience and skill in this field, so if you want to merge some of your memories in a professional and simple and in a short time here's the solution.

magisto Very nice service to convert your photos and video clips into beautiful memories in ways that are very professional. All you need is to register the service through Google or Facebook or via email. Then proceed directly to lift the video and pictures (no more than ten pictures and videos) by clicking on create movie and then to select files.
After that you choose a view that you like, and then you choose the right music or uploading one, then choose the title finally the video will be created after a few second and you will be notified on your Email.

after that directly publish your video on social networking or you can download it on your computer, and you can also create albums containing a collection of videos.
the service provide you as well an application on Facebook if you like to regroup all your Facebook photos professionally, by entering to this link here  .

For those who love the application can download it for android and ios.

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