December 11, 2013

YouTube : Google plays it tough copyright

            In the wonderful world of Youtube, there is a category of people that we call the Youtubers. These people, who often work alongside, conduct often using video content belonging to rights holders. Thus knows the youtubers that play parts of their video games or those for example using music artists third. While most do not earn lot of money with their creations, they still earn a little with the pubs. But all that's about to change.

Google has indeed changed its policy on copyright and that's a lot of talk in the world Youtubers . Indeed, th
is new policy may cut funding to many designers . The policy change is simple. If a Youtuber uses protected by copyright content and the copyright occurs after a validation process , the advertising money return it.

The most emblematic case is that of a Youtuber making videos on the video game. If the best-known feature sponsors and therefore are not worried , the player disseminating such as its part of Battlefield 4 will show its performance affected him , all the money raised going to EA . But the video game is not the only area where these new rules will crack .

Take for example a video where amateur football commentary on selected actions in a game. Although it is talented and brings many spectators , the money will go to the league match which images were selected . Same for a Photoshop tutorial. We can even assume that if there is music during the holiday movies that Mr. Duchemin put on the site , the musician affect rights .

Note that the videos do bring money to one person ( legal or natural ) and the income generated will not be shared. A policy change that has many reacted on the web , petitions already blooming here and there .

Youtube deploy these new rules from 1 January 2014.

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