December 9, 2013

shingeki no kyojin: the end is changed because of the fan's

       yo everybody every otaku every gamer heloooo every one
 today we speak about the anime who mad a huge wave of fan's when

he was released as episodes and the anime my be back April 2014 any way that's not what we are talking today
  this not a joke after the meting with Hajime ISAYAMA the manga K he said  that he may change the end of the anime because of the fan's he said that the first end he planned to kill every one the victory will go to the titan's but now he hesitate to do it and he may change the end to a happy ending
  so our manga K did not wait for shingeki to have this much of success this is way he is changing the ending now we can understate that  any way when the finale episode will be released
we will say << this is not the true end >>
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