December 27, 2013

Perhaps Final Fantasy X-3 ??

       Following the adventures of Tidus and Yuna is a fantasy fed by the writer of X and X-2 The creator think about Final fantasy X 3
              Kazushige Nojima: "I would personally like to see a series like Final Fantasy X-3"

        Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is released on 26 December in Japan, and with him, his Ultimania guide filled with information and solutions for the project. In the midst of many testimonies of developers and designers of these two legendary games is an interview with Kazushige Nojima, iconic writer of the diptych, which delivers a wish as unexpected as hopeful.

the creator said Kazushige Nojima : If there is enough demand, then it could possibly be new projects. I would personally like to see a sequel as X-3.

Final Fantasy X-3? Yes, this sweet dream is not only in the minds of fans of this two-part episode, but also in that of the man who wrote the story. Obviously, these little phrases launched hastily abound in the world of video games, and often lead to nothing but what is? Of course, Square Enix does not usually great to return to his numbered flaps past, but the gap has already been done with Final Fantasy VII who had the right to spin offs and even a feature film after years publication. And at a time when the publisher seems to turn to the suites, as was the case with the trilogy about Final Fantasy XIII, the idea may not be so crazy ...

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