November 26, 2013

Top 5: The best Xbox exclusives.!!!

   The release of the Xbox One revives in us great (and not so good) memories. Today, we decided to make the Top 5 best series related to Microsoft (Xbox release lot, a little on PC too).

5 - Alan Wake

Alan Wake was certainly one of the most anticipated Xbox 360 excluded. Expected, because it was the studio Remedy was flying (Max Payne) and expected, because the game has long been desired (first announced in 2005). In 2010, the game finally comes out, and offers an experience reminiscent of the world of Stephen King, in a unique blend of action and survival horror. Well received by critics, it is perhaps not as well as hoped sold (1.5 million units recorded in December 2011).

4 - Fable

The Action / RPG series Fable, landed in 2004, is a now famous series related to Microsoft. We note three album released (Heroes and The Journey are a little apart) the world of Albion, moral choices that determine the alignment of the hero, the dog born in Fable II or large O great speeches of Peter Molyneux , the designer of the series.

3 - Halo

Failing to be the best in the game (in our opinion) Halo remains arguably the most iconic series of American society, with a hero, Master Chief, who quickly invited the pantheon of heroes of the media. The Halo series is one of the most lucrative, with many records and the 50 million sales achieved in December. The series is expected to return in 2014 with an album on Xbox One.

2 - Forza Motorsport

The Forza Motorsport series has managed in recent years to become the new benchmark in automotive simulation, instead of Gran Turismo, exclusive Sony competitor. Series started in 2005, it is now an ambassador for the Xbox One, and probably one of the best games, if not the best line-up of launch of Microsoft's console.

1-Ryse : Son of Rome

The Roman Empire was perhaps a paragon of civilization and refinement, it is built on the blood and conquest. It is this aspect of its history Ryse chooses to show you around making you play as a Roman officer at agile blade.

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