November 17, 2013

PS4 : Business is Going UP but reputation Going DOWN

            Yesterday, the Ps4 was released In the USA, So  SONY announces with a Big smile that his next gen console is already flowing over 1 million sale yesterdays evening In USA, ............... BUT nothing Is perfect

 so After 20 hours of waiting in the middle of night, Americane Gammers have Finally  bought there PS4 and the Sony said that the sale of it console has reached 1 million sale like Yoshida  Shuehei said in his Tweet But Sony said that she want to reach the 5 millions sale before 2014 ( we hope for Sony )

But the gammers are not satisfied about that because most of The PS4 are Fake and damaged because As when running and after Format device is naturally reboot but the problem lies in the emergence of the color red in the bar on the device instead of the color blue, is the so-called  Red Light Of Death  As shown in the video below.

Many technical forums and especially those specialized the PlayStation Has filled of complaints and inquiries regarding the problem, but there was no response from the company ( so we hope too for solving the problem ).
                         Thank you for reading..................................................and have an ice day 
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